Time Warp
Off Center
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Al Henderson (bass)

Barry Elmes (drums)

Bob Brough (alto & tenor sax)

Mike Murley (soprano & tenor sax)

‘Off Center’ is the fourth album by the Toronto jazz quartet TIME WARP. Nominated for a Juno Award (Best Jazz Album 1990) and now re-mastered for digital release in 2021, it showcases the quartet’s powerful sound of “two saxes plus rhythm” and features an exciting program of nine original compositions, seven by Henderson and two by Elmes.

REVIEW: “Time Warp draws liberally on the music’s entire history, as well as some of its pre-history, beginning in Africa (The Ivory Coast, Black Koto), moving through blues (Robert Johnson’s Blues) and Ellington (Duke’s Time) and on in some quite contemporary directions.

 Mark Miller / The Globe and Mail  
















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The Ivory Coast (A. Henderson) 5:00 

2. Tardon (A. Henderson)   2:59
3. Too Much Left Unsaid (A. Henderson) 5:21

Black Koto (B. Elmes) 3:45


Blues Warp (A. Henderson)  5:18/font>


Robert Johnson's Blues (A. Henderson) 7:26


Off Centre (A. Henderson) 4:07


Duke's Time (A. Henderson)  4:10 


Cetology  (B. Elmes)   7:26