Mike Murley

Two Sides

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Mike Murley (saxophones)

John MacLeod (trumpet)

Jim Vivian (bass)

Barry Elmes (drums)

Brian Dickinson (piano)*

This classic Juno-award-winning release now re-mastered for modern audiences! Two Sides features six quartet tracks with John MacLeod (trumpet), Jim Vivian (bass), Barry Elmes (drums), plus three duets with Brian Dickinson (piano). The program includes five Murley compositions plus one each by composers Thelonious Monk, Jimmy Rowles, Don Raye and Cole Porter. An engaging, lyrical saxophonist, 

Mike Murley is one of Canada’s most celebrated and well-respected jazz artists. His critically-acclaimed recordings have placed him at the forefront of Canada’s jazz scene for the past three decades. He has played on fourteen Juno Award-winning recordings since his 1990 Two Sides album, seven as a leader or co-leader, seven as a sideman.
















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Minor Problems (M. Murley)) 5:43 

2. February 1st (M. Murley)   8:04 
3. Played Twice (T. Monk) 7:52

Sometimes You Feel Like That(M. Murley)11:19


Square(M. Murley)7:16


Softness (M. Murley) 7:33


The Peacocks*(J. Rowles) 7:50


You Don't Know What Love Is* (D. Raye) 7:19


Every Time We Say Goodbye* (C. Porter) 8:04