Richard Whiteman
Very Well & Good
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Reg Schwager (guitar)

Amanda Tosof (piano)

Richard Whiteman (bass)

Morgan Childs (drums)

with special guests:

Pat LaBarbera (sax)

Mike Murley (sax)

Cornerstone Records proudly presents Very Well & Good, a new recording by bassist Richard Whiteman’s longstanding quartet, featuring master guitarist Reg Schwager, pianist Amanda Tosoff and drummer Morgan Childs. The quartet is joined on several tracks by tenor saxophone giants Pat LaBarbera and Mike Murley. 

Richard considers this recording his finest and most personal to date because it successfully combines the directness and groove of straight ahead swinging jazz with the lyricism and textural beauty he loves in classical music and in the music of pianist Bill Evans. 

The program includes nine striking Whiteman compositions, one standard, and one tune each from Amanda Tosoff and engineer/drummer/pianist André White:
















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Very Well and Good (R. Whiteman) 5:20 

2. Not so Early (R. Whiteman)  4:38 
3. Re-enRe-entry (A. Tosoff) 6:06

Waltz for Zeke (R. Whiteman) 3:47


It Is What It Is - for John Sumners (R. Whiteman) 2:11


Selohssa (R. Whiteman) 7:05


Residue (André White)  5:32


Mangoes (D. Libbey, S. Wayne) 4:36


Pat and Mike (R. Whiteman) 7:26


La Belle Époche (R. Whiteman) 4:30font>


Right Here, Right Now, with You (R. Whiteman) 4:23

12. Dancing with Zeke (R. Whiteman) 6:18