Various Artists
Edification: A Tribute to Ed Bickert
cover 146

Lorne Lofsky Trio

Kieran Overs (bass)

Barry Elmes (drums)

Rob Piltch Trio

David Piltch/
Neil Swainson (bass)

Davide DiRenzo (drums)

Reg Schwager Trio

Neil Swainson (bass)
Terry Clarke (drums)

Special Limited Edition. All proceeds go to the MS Society of Canada in honour of Ed’s beloved wife, Madeline.

"For me Ed Bickert defines a distinct spirit, sound, and approach to playing jazz. He respects a song while at the same time creating something new, totally in the moment, compelling, and beautiful. He hears everything that’s happening in the band, responding in an instant to set someone up artfully or complete a musical thought.

"I hope in listening to this music you have a sense of the deep connection each musician has with Ed. Ed did not play any original compositions, his genius was the way in which he interpreted the music of others. The songs on this recording include ones that Ed often played and were chosen by the leaders in tribute. Each trio offers their own unique take on the music...

"Thanks to Revolution Recording and João Carvalho Mastering, Don Vickery, the musicians and these sponsors we were able to take this project from recording through to CD release."
–Al Gorman, co-producer
















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Sweet and Lovely (G. Arnheim, H. Tobias, N. More) 7:19

2. What Is This Thing Called Love (C. Porter) 5:06
3. Barbados (C. Parker) 4:41

Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (O. Hammerstein, S. Romberg) 7:36


One For Rob (N. Swainson) 6:35

6. Yesterdays (J. Kern) 7:43
7. Not Forgotten (R. Pitch) 4:12
8. Dolphin Dance (H. Hancock) 8:07
9. Stella By Starlight (V. Young) 7:54
10. Alone Together (A. Schwartz) 6:12
11. Here’s That Rainy Day (J. Van Heusen) 6:46