Murley, Bickert & Wallace
Test of Time
cover 140

2013 Juno Award Winner!!!

Mike Murley (saxophone)

Ed Bickert (guitar)

Steve Wallace (bass)

Few cds will garner the immediate interest of Test of Time ... previously unreleased material recorded in 1999 by the trio of saxophonist Mike Murley, guitarist Ed Bickert and bassist Steve Wallace. The trio’s only previous CD won the 2002 Juno Award for best mainstream jazz album, shortly after Bickert’s 2001 decision to retire from playing. Bickert may be Canada’s most distinguished jazz guitarist (his tenure with Paul Desmond might be enough to establish that) but all his gifts are in evidence here, the gentle propulsion of his chording, the perfect voicings when he’s comping and the brilliant linear flow of his improvised lines. There’s likely no better forum to showcase his gifts than this trio without drums, his every nuance clearly audible and Murley and Wallace ideal associates to bring out his best as both soloist and accompanist. East of the Sun stands out.

Stuart Broomer
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Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered (Rogers and Hart) 6:50

2. I Should Care (Cahn/Stordahl/Weston) 6:34
3. Test of Time (Murley) 5:06

I Wish I Knew (Warren/Gordon) 6:50


You for Me (Haymes) 4:46

6. Stanstill (Murley) 5:52
7. East of the Sun (Bowman) 6:50
8. You Are Too Beautiful (Rodgers & Hart) 5:47
9. Golden Earrings (Young) 9:47