Mike Murley Septet:
Still Rollin'
Cover art: Murley


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Still Rollin’ (6:32)

2. Minas Mist (9:12)
3. Joanie’s Steps (9:47)

Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier (7:22)

5. Tide Line (9:14)
6. Sonny’s Way (6:49)
7. Cascade (6:37)
8. Tunnel (1:57)
9. Rundle (6:57)


Mike Murley (saxophone)

Tara Davidson (saxophone)

Kevin Turcotte (trumpet)

Terry Promane (trombone)

David Braid (piano)

Jim Vivian (bass)
Ted Warren (drums)

The Mike Murley Septet debuted in April 2005 at the dearly departed and greatly missed Top of the Senator. According to Mike, in addition to composing new pieces specifically for the septet the idea behind this project was to rework and arrange repertoire from his previous albums. The entire recording was made in one day, a testament to the musicianship of these players and to the true spirit of this music.