Al Henderson Septet:
Cover art: CJQ


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Palacio 8:31

  Regeneration (for Sachi and Raymond Moriyama)
2. Part I: The Tree House 3:47
3. Part II: Darkening Clouds 1:05
4. Part III: Conflict
  Part IV: Final Confrontation
  Part V: Recovery 8:51
5. Part VI: The Tree House (reprise) 1:05
6. In Search of A Soul 7:31
7. On The Case 6:20
8. But Now It’s Over 4:54
9. Sierra Nevada 6:45
10. Spirit Owl 12:04


Alex Dean (flute, saxes, bass clarinet, owl calls)

Pat LaBarbera (soprano sax, tenor sax, owl calls, wind)

Matt Brubeck (cello)

Mark Chambers (cello)

Richard Whiteman (piano)

Al Henderson (bass)

Barry Romberg (Drum)


In 2008, the Al Henderson Quintet was expanded to a septet with the addition of cellists Matt Brubeck and Mark Chambers to create a unique instrumentation for the purpose of performing and recording the suite Regeneration (for Sachi and Raymond Moriyama) as well as a number of other new compositions. The results can be heard on this newly-released CD.