David Liebman/Mike Murley:
Day and Night
Cover art: Richard Whiteman


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Day and Night (Liebman) 12:54

2. That’s What You Want (Murley) 12:00
3. Gnid (Tadd Dameron) 7:17
4. Introductions by Liebman 4:18
5. India (John Coltrane) 17:54


David Liebman (saxophones, Indian bamboo flute)

Mike Murley (saxophones)

Jim Vivian (bass)

Ian Froman (drums)

Jeff Johnston (piano)

A recording of vitality and energy, "Day and Night" is free-wheeling contemporary jazz at its finest. Liebman and Murley feed off of each other with remarkable cohesion and empathy, constantly propelled by the dynamic rhythm section of bassist Jim Vivian and drummer Ian Froman. The result is a live recording reflecting the true spontaneity of the moment.

Liebman and Murley each contribute an original composition to the CD complimented by a wonderful two-tenor version of the Tadd Dameron classic "Gnid". Pianist Jeff Johnston joins the group for an extended tour de force of John Coltraneís "India" to close the CD.