Mark Eisenman:
Cover art: Richard Whiteman


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Apparition (5:16)

2. M and M (6:46)
3. Fathom (6:45)
4. Bird’s Assurance (5:32)
5. My Mahi (6:24)
6. Sweet Spot (6:38)
7. Gilt Be All Thy Stars (7:58)
8. Thadeus (5:13)
9. Parker 102 (4:56)


Mark Eisenman (piano)

Pat Labarbera (saxophones)

John Macleod (trumpet & flugelhorn)

Steve Wallace (bass)

John Sumner (drums)

A new recording by a new band! Apparition is the Mark Eisenman Quintet’s first recording and features nine new compositions by Mark, written specifically to highlight the inspired solo and ensemble capabilities of the band members.

The Toronto Star says “His professional status is based largely on his skill and versatility as an ensemble player, but what marks him most is an ability to produce, no matter what the musical company, distinctive well-structured solos”. His compositional works have been described as “...showing a flair for wide-ranging form and expression”.

Produced by Barry Elmes, and supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Apparition also features the magnificent sound of the Steinway D concert grand piano located at Inception Sound Studios, Toronto.