Mike Murley/David Braid Quartet:
Mnemosyne's March

Cover art: Murley/Braid

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Say a Silent Prayer (Braid) 8:18

2. Dream Recording (Braid) 6:39
3. Mnemosyne's March (Braid) 8:06
4. Sheep Walking (Murley) 8:46
5. Cascade (Murley) 15:07
6. Rundle (Murley) 8:02
7. I Wish I Knew (Harry Warren) 6:08

Mike Murley (saxophone)

David Braid (piano)

Jim Vivian (bass)

Ian Froman (drums)

"Saxophonist Mike Murley and pianist David Braid combine their prodigious skills on this mostly-mellow live recording, each contributing three original compositions to the seven-track outing. The leaders get brilliant backing from bass Jim Vivian, whose remarkable solo bowing begins the title piece, and the under-stated drumming of Canadian expat Ian Froman, now based in New York. The playing is assured, quietly intense, wonderfully imaginative, intricately propulsive – they make complexity sound so easy, proof of the ultra-high standards achieved."

- Geoff Chapman,
The Toronto Star