Barry Elmes Quintet:
The Five Minute Warning

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Barry Elmes (drums)

Reg Schwager (guitar)

Mike Murley (saxes)

Kevin Turcotte (trumpet)

Steve Wallace (bass)

Barry Elmes’ long-awaited fourth recording features a new version of the band’s most requested piece - The New Shim Sham Shimmy. As an added bonus, the CD includes a rare private backstage lesson - Dizzy Gillespie teaching the shim sham shimmy rhythm to Barry! Other new songs include Mouse House and The Jinx.


The New Shim Sham Shimmy (Elmes) 8:49

2. Isabel (Elmes) 8:06
3. Mouse House (Elmes) 7:10
4. The Five Minute Warning (Elmes) 7:23
5. Remember When (Elmes) 6:59
6. The Prosopagnosia Blues (Elmes) 8:41
7. The Jinx (Elmes) 7:17
8. Dizzy's Lesson .45