D.E.W. East:
Meets Nick Brignola
Cover art DEW East

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Nick Brignola (baritone sax)

Alex Dean (reeds)

Steve Wallace (bass)

Barry Elmes (drums)

D.E.W. East joins forces with baritone sax legend Nick Brignola on a spirited CD of originals and standards.

“It’s polished, pumping modern mainstream: D.E.W. East conspires agreeably with Brignola to serve up muscular music...”

- Geoff Chapman,
The Toronto Star


Grand Street (Rollins) 7:59

2. 1110 Dovercourt (Dean) 7:38
3. Albert's Song (Elmes) 9:41
4. The Hesitation Blues (Brignola) 8:01
5. Let's Monk (Monk) 3:36
6. Three for Cappucine (Dean) 6:00
7. Rhythm & Blues (Wallace) 6:03
8. You Don't Know What Love Is (Raye/Depaul).6:48